Integral Personal & Professional Coach


To describe my coaching approach, it is sometimes easier to describe what it is not. I am not a problem solving consultant that will target your pain points and attempt to solve those singularly. You've probably tried that on your own already.

As an Integral Coach®, I seek to understand your pain points in  the context of your whole world: your environment, relationships, and body. From that place, we develop a plan of where to shift and I develop an ongoing set of practices that allow you to develop new skills, capacities, and awarenesses. This puts you on your path of a sustainable transformation.

My integral approach comes from a blend of my training through New Ventures West, Stagen's Integral Leadership Program and self-discovery.

My engagements are currently for 9 months meeting every other week for an hour through Zoom/FaceTime/Skype. As coaching is a deeply personal relationship, I meet with all prospective clients for at least 30 minutes first to begin the conversation. Schedule a free informational session or contact me for more availability.



I work with individuals and small teams looking to unlock more possibility when feeling stuck. My most productive relationships are with clients that have tried to address what isn't working or what they aspire towards and have come up short.

As a father, Ironman athlete, marathon swimmer, and entrepreneur, I bring together my own unfolding developmental experience and work with clients in crafting and supporting their own personal integrated transformational path.



On January 27th, 2018 I spoke at TEDxUniversityofNevada sharing my ideas on taking an Integral Path and how that unfolded in my own life. (Photo credit: Tim Dunn)


Crossing Bhutan

In 2011, I was part of a historic expedition across the whole of Bhutan. The film Crossing Bhutan delves into our exploration of the country's policy of Gross National Happiness while exploring our own relationships with goals and presence.

Visit the official film website